The Legend of Korra: Thoughts, Opinions and Hopes that did not come true.

There’s no hiding that I love A:TLA and LOK and have so many feels for this fandom. By far, this is the best cartoons I have laid my eyes on and mind you, I am a cartoon addict. I was kinda disappointed about LOK since it only has 24 episodes compared to A:TLA where it had 20+ episodes in one season. Now that season 1 has come to an end, here are my thoughts about the finale:

  1. I fucking j’adore General Iroh (II) because he looks like a Disney Prince that is a BAMF. He flew an airplane without even knowing how to drive it in the first place.
  2. I was hoping they’d show more of Bumi. He only said one line and I believe that was “WAHOOOO” or “YAHHHOOOO” or something. I was excited when General Iroh (II) mentioned him but hey, he showed up and nothing more.
  3. While watching the finale trailers, I was positive Korra would go into the Avatar State once Amon got her and there would be an epic fight between the two but hey, Aang and the rest of the Avatars (and did I mention Aang?) appearing at the last minute was great, too. 
  4. Now that explained why Korra was having flashbacks of Yakone every time she felt threatened of Amon. Tarrlok’s “Amon is my brother” story was the cherry on top of my sundae.
  5. I just wish they would explain MORE on why Amon could take someone’s bending away. Sure he used blood bending but how exactly?
  6. I had this gut feeling he’s from the water tribe because of his skin color.
  8. Don’t get me started on Makkora. Damn. I did not recall Mako breaking up with Asami and I felt that he was stringing her along when he said “I CARE ABOUT YOU A LOT.” Puhleeez. I rolled my eyes when he said that.
  9. ASAMI is a BAMF. I say BAMF a lot but MY FEMALE BAMF would be none other than the awesome Lin.
  11. Tarrlok killed himself off and his brother. WOW. The death was such a downer.

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Amon: Thoughts, Theories and Opinions

  1. Yes, we’re all shocked about his big revelation that he can take away someone’s bending permanently. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? for all we know only the Avatar can do that and it took even a while for Aang to figure it out. But all seriousness, his ability to take away someone’s bending doesn’t only make him an antagonist but a really scary one at that. Sure, Zuko was scary once in a lifetime but we all knew he could never kill Aang and Ozai, yes, he was scary, too, with his plan of getting rid of the other nations and his lust to rule the world. Not to mention Azula. Ahh.. the crazy sister of Zuko and the fire bending protege of Ozai. Damn. no words could express how awesome of an antagonist she was to the series.
  2. Amon could probably be related to an original (by original I mean from the Legend of Aang) character like how Tenzin is related to Aang and Katara and how Lin is related to Toph but I could be wrong.
  3. I have no idea who in the spirit world would help him take someone’s bending away. I’ve read around the internet that Koh could be a candidate. Huh. Maybe so.
  4. Also, I read somewhere that he is a bender. Maybe. If he is, maybe he wants to wipe the world of benders and he would be the only bender left. Great I-want-to-rule-the-world-coz-i’m-the-only-one-who-has-super-powers kinda way plot, riiight?
  5. Isn’t it too harsh to get revenge by taking people’s bending away? I mean, he told us his sob story and I think it’s a little bit extreme that it has gone this far. He could be lying for all we know (because he could be a bender). No one knows his story so I’ll shut up now.

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